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                         Casino online

Play casino games online casino. Many people wonder
how casino games has its advantages and disadvantages,
and what tricks to play. Today, we are introduced to casino
games as well Roulette (Roulette) Roulette, roulette or online
casino games. Is another classic casino games. As we have seen
too often The film follows the various word roulette comes from
the French word for “small wheel” because invented by a Frenchman
named Blaise Pascal, we will see how he’s releasing the steel ball
tosses. Running of the rotating wheel with alternating black and red.
The drop box where it is awarded. The total number of channels with 37
channels for France and Europe by a number of 0-36, America has 38 channels,
00 channels by adding up one more. Opposite the number 0 on their own.

                      The basic rules of roulette

For how to read it We will share how to bet below.
1. Betting internal (inside) is to bet on a number
from 0-36 the roulette itself regularly is also divided
into two sub-categories is
1.1, placing a single number. It is also called a
bet on a match (Straight up), thus putting the figure is
35 times the direct payment rate excludes capital.
1.2 Paste multiple overlapping figures. Paste
multiple overlapping figures How to put a line between the
channels. Sometimes mergers can sometimes concurrently
Channel 2, Channel 4 or the game 3 in a row, it may be
placed in the last row of the borders instead. It can be
classified as follows:
1.2.1 bets or share split, split to take place on
the line between channels, such as 1/2,35/36, which is
adjacent stab at it. The payout ratio is 17 times,
excluding capital
1.2.2 betting Street street (trailers) in the No.
3 line will be called “The Street” by way of putting it is
placed at the end of the line. rows 1,2,3 itself as the
payout ratio is 11 times, excluding grants.
1.2.3 betting angle corner is stabbed by placing
No. 4 at the intersection of Channel 4, as well as the
rates paid by 1,2,4,5 8 as a joint venture.
1.2.4 The goal that sent straight line (line) to
be read as a No. 6, 1-6, by placing chips on the edge of
the adjacent Street 2 is 5 times the rate of pay,
excluding grants.
1.2.5 betting mechanical set ups and 0, 00, 1-3,
to set at 0, 00 alone. The rate paid on the 17th as a
joint venture. If placed on the welding number 0,1,2 or
0,2,3 welding line will expand 3 (primary) is 11 times
the rate of pay, excluding grants. To put the numbers 0
and 1 only welding line will include 0,1,2,3 stabbed 8
times the rate of pay is not venture capital.
2. Betting external (outside) for betting outside
of Roulette is to place bets on the table outside the
categories below
2.1 stabbing paint is able to choose whether to
bet on the color. Black (BLACK) or red (rED) money is
first rate. As far as excluding capital
2.2 stabbing Odd Couple Will expand that number
would be even number (EVENT) odd number (ODD) was 1 times
the rate of pay, excluding grants.
2.3 stabbing a high The table shows the range 1-18
(Low) 9-36 (higher) rate of pay that is not only one joint.
2.4 To read a selected range (Favorites or zone)
a thrust range can be selected in various ways. It is set
on three rows vertically like a vertical row is the first
row. 1, it 4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34

Other parts of the series will be divided into three
periods. 1-12,13-24,25-36 rate is 2 times the cost of capital
is not included. It is evident that, more than any other of
the above. why because The probability of winning are 1 in
3 that while the other will be 50-50.

How to play

The normal Players must redeem the chips before the
dealer. It will require a different color chips as well as
chips. To avoid confusion it When he got up from the table
and quit. It should be redeemed with chips because of predators
such priceless. In each round, the player will be placed before
the paint chips. The dealer will begin to throw the roulette ball
and the ball will roll into the chute rotation, then NO more
bets that do not add to the betting.

For this article, I will introduce how to play the casino
game of roulette for those who want to play casino games can be
played on. There are many casino games to play.
You can choose what you like.

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