Casino games

Casino games


Online casino games Many people wonder if casino games have advantages and disadvantages and what techniques to play. Today we will come to know about casino games.


Roulette or Roulette online casino games Is considered a classic casino game Which we have often seen In many famous movies, the word roulette is derived from French, which means “small wheel” because it was invented by a Frenchman named Blazpasal.


We will see how to play with the release of steel balls. Running around the spinning wheel with black and red alternately Which channel drop is considered a reward? The total number of channels is 37 channels forFrance and Europe, number 0-36. America has 38 channels by adding another channel 00. Opposite the number 0 itself


Basic rules of roulette betting


For how to bet on it We will divide the following methods of betting.1. Inside bets (inside)That is to place bets that are numbers from 0 to 36. However, the roulette bet is still divided into 2 sub-categories. 1.1 Single-digit numberingWill be called straight up, which is a straightforward numbering. The payout is 35 times excluding capital. 1.2 Placing overlapping numbersPlacing multiple overlaps Will use the method placed on the line between channels Sometimes there may be 2 channels. Sometimes, there may be 4 channels or in the case of playing in 3 channels, the whole row may be placed on the border of the last box in that row instead. Which can be classified as follows 1.2.1 Split or split betsWill use the method of placing lines between the lines, such as 1/2, 35/36, which is the thrust of the adjacent numbers themselves The pay rate is 17 times, excluding capital. 1.2.2 Street Street Betting(Trailer)In the number 3 row set, we will call it “Street”. The method of placing is to place it at the last edge of the row itself, such as 1,2,3. 1.2.3 Corner corner bettingWill be a 4-digit bet placed at the intersection of all 4 channels, such as 1,2,4,5. The payout is 8 times, excluding capital. 1.2.4 Straight line betting (line)Will be a 6 digit number bet, such as 1-6. Place the chip at the edge of 2 adjacent roads. The payout is 5 times, excluding capital. 1.2.5 Placing bets in the series 0, 00, 1-3If placed at number 0, 00 only Will have a pay rate of 17 times, excluding capital

If placed at lines 0, 1, 2 or lines 0,2,3 will form a 3 (main) bet. The payout is 11 times, excluding capital. If placed at lines 0 and 1, only 0,1,2,3 will be placed. The payout is 8 times, excluding capital.

2. Outside bets (outside)For roulette external betting, we will place bets on the outer table, which can be categorized as follows: 2.1 StabbingIs able to choose whether to bet on black (BLACK) or red (RED). Pay rate is 1 As far as excluding capital 2.2 Double betWill bet that the number will be an even number (EVENT), odd number (ODD), the pay rate is 1 times, excluding capital 2.3 High stakesThe table will be shown in the range 1-18 (low) 9-36 (high) itself. The pay rate is 1 times, excluding capital. 2.4 Interval selection (Or Teng Zone)The selection of the range can be selected in many ways. Whether it is a 3 set in a vertical row, such as a vertical row, the first row is 1,, 4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28,31,34In the case of other 3 types of sessions, it will be divided into 1-12,13-24,25-36 The pay rate is 2 times, excluding capital. Will see that more than the others mentioned Cause because The probability of winning is 1 in 3, while the other is 50-50. Playing process Usually Players must exchange chips with the dealer first. Because they have to use different color chips To prevent that confusion However, when he stopped playing and got out of the table Should return as well because the chip has no value In each round, when the player completes the color chip The dealer will start throwing the roulette ball and when the ball goes down the track, it will roll. NO more bets means no more bets.For this article, it is an introduction to how to play roulette type casino games for those who want to play casino games can play at There are many casino games to play. You can choose to play as you like.

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